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How To Prolong Battery Life Of Your Laptop

Being able to work and play on laptop or in any gadget such as smartphone is one of best thing that happen to humanity. We can make the client's presentations while on the bus or watch a movie while we wait on the line. But what is good our gadget if it drains its to quickly before we can find the next socket to charge.

In this article, I will suggest some tips on how to prolong the battery life of your laptop or any gadget.

1. Perform shallow discharges. If you are used to discharging your battery up to 0% level then don't. Lithium-ion batteries lasts longer when they are discharge a little bit. According to BatteryUniversity, a partial discharge reduces stress and can prolonged battery life.

Table 2 compares the number of discharge/charge cycles Li-ion can deliver at various DoD levels before the battery capacity drops to 70 percent. All other variables such as charge voltage, temperature and load currents are set to average default settings.

prolong battery life

2. Make it cool. Heat will shorten the long-term life of the battery, so take steps to provide optimal airflow and cooling. You can purchase laptop stands or you can make your own as long there is a continuous airflow. Refrain from putting your gadget on direct sunlight as this can add heat to your laptop.

3. Don't leave the AC power plug-in. This tip may not be applicable for newer models of laptop or gadgets since the charging stops automatically when the battery is fully charged. Check your manufacturer's battery specification since some models requires the AC power to be unplugged manually after reaching 100% level.

4. Avoid fast chargers. Fast chargers often causes stress to your battery so avoid it as much possible. Here are the simple guidelines from Battery University in using fast chargers.

  1. If possible, charge at a moderate rate. Ultra-fast charging always causes stress.
  2. Fast and ultra-fast charge fills the battery only partially; a slower saturation charge completes the charge. Unlike lead acid, Li-ion does not need the saturation charge but the capacity will be a bit lower.
  3. Do not apply fast charge when the battery is cold or hot. Only charge at moderate temperatures. Avoid fast charging an aged or low-performing battery.

5. Keep it clean. Remove the battery of your laptop from time to time and clean the contact points with a soft cloth. Our laptop accumulates dust that may not be visible to us until we remove the battery.

Keeping in mind the tips that I outline will extend the battery life of your laptop. Hopefully you will not replace your battery until the time you will replace your laptop.

Do you have other tips on extending the life of your laptop battery? Add it up at the comment section and I will update my post.