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Windows 8 Wifi Problem

A lot of users are reporting that after they have upgraded their Windows 8 machines to Windows 8.1 the wireless connection keeps on the dropping. As of this time Microsoft has not yet released any statements on these windows problems.

Here are some of the quick fix that you can try to fix the dropping of you wireless connection on Win 8.1:

1. Disable power management.

    a. Go to Control Panel and click the Device Manager
    b. Expand the Network Adapters list
    c. Double click you wifi adapter device
    d. Go to the Power Management Tab and UNCHECK the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.
windows 8 fix

windows 8 wi-fi problem

2. Disable the Roaming Sensivity.

    a. Follow the steps in opening the wi-fi adapter properties.
    b. Highlight the “Roaming Sensitivity”
    c. Choose disable from the value menu.

Note that not all wi-fi adapters have this property.

3. Update you wi-fi adpter drivers.

    a. Still on the Wi-Fi Properties. Click on the Driver tab.
    b. Click on the Update Driver.

I hope one of the solutions I outlined will help you solve the issues with you internet connection. If all fails you can always go back to Windows 8 or perhaps Windows 7.

Leave a comment and let us know if it works on your side or if you have other solutions that you would like to share.

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